The best way to take care of your daily intimate hygiene is to use delicate products that respect the physiological pH of the epidermis. Intimate + intimate cleansers have a cleansing and emollient action helping to prevent irritation, releasing a pleasant feeling of well-being.

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INTIMA + has studied for every woman intimate cleansers, vaginal wash, spray deodorant, wipes, together with the new menstrual cups and absorbents and panty liners in cotton: to take care of daily intimate hygiene and female well-being in a natural and safe way.

Menstrual cups

The Intima+ menstrual cup is a valid, economic and ecological alternative to vaginal swabs. Ideal for sports and for women who travel, the Intima + menstrual cup can also be used at night, ensuring maximum protection for the duration of the cycle.



Intima+ sanitary pads are 100% pure natural organic cotton, soft, delicate and better tolerated by the skin. Cotton is the natural fiber that ensures breathability, does not irritate and naturally prevents odors.


Intimate cleansers

Intima+ intimate hygiene cleaners are designed for the daily well-being of the whole family: Intima + Bio, enriched with aloe vera and organic mallow extracts, is Cosmos Organic certified.


Hygiene +

The Hygiene Hand Wash + with antibacterial agent, gently cleanses and protects the hands while the Hygiene Hand Cleaner + in the tube, with the addition of Antibacterial, is designed to thoroughly clean the skin of the hands without the need for water.


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