Our brands are a completely new way of conceiving beauty and wellness. Cosmetics for body, skin and hair beauty, effective and safe because they are based on scientific research and knowledge of the real needs of each person. In our brands, they translate the distinctive and unique quality of the best professional channels, making it accessible to everyone.

Our brands

Intuition, passion and research bring our brands to life: effective and safe cosmetics based on scientific research, love for nature and knowledge of each person’s real needs.


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The latest news from Sodico

Read the latest news from the SO.DI.CO world to stay updated on innovations for body care, beauty and well-being and on the initiatives and events featuring the group and its brands.

The Group

SO.DI.CO is an ethically responsible and reliable company that distributes cosmetics and products for the care and beauty of the body and hair.

Young, fresh and dynamic, SO.DI.CO invests in innovation and research, proudly anchored in the corporate values linked to the use of products from organic and Italian production, respecting the well-being and health of people and the environment. Constant study of market demands and consumer needs guide SO.DI.CO in daily research and production activities, in order to meet the needs of beauty professionals and consumers looking for safe, certified and organic cosmetics for the body and beauty care.